CSA Workshare

This year I’ve been doing a workshare at my CSA. I work every other Saturday on the farm to pay for my share of organic veggies. So far I’ve gotten to ride on the transplanter, plant, weed, harvest, and pet lots of farm kitties 🙂 It’s really helped me to appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing people in the area their hand picked produce each week. Since I’m aspiring farmer, it’s also helping me get a feel for if this is really want to do “when I grow up”. (IT IS!)

Hoeing a nasty crop of thistles in the broccoli
Finished my first shift at the CSA

Harvesting asparagus
First shift at the CSA

Picking snow peas
Nice overcast day to be out in the fields. Spent my shift picking sugar snap peas and weeding the parsnips. #CSA #workshare

Transplanting greens
Got to spend my shift at the #CSA riding on the transplanter🌱😀 putting in fall greens. #organic #farming

And the paychecks!
First CSA basket of the season

Are you a member of a #CSA? This year I'm lucky enough to have been accepted for a workshare, so I get to work on the farm to pay for my #organic produce. This weeks basket is gorgeous with cilantro, radishes, green onions, a fat little cucumber, broccoli

#CSA basket 3 is here! #realfood #wapf


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