Around the Homestead


It was really hot for my workershare shift this week, and I ended up digging up a row of carrots in the tunnels…so I got a nice sauna treatment. But aren’t they lovely?

In my own garden things are coming along nicely. The potatoes were hilled, tomatoes are starting to appear, and the strawberry harvest is going strong.

Early mornings when it’s still cool have become tea time. I’m alternating between picking chamomile and lemon balm.

We’ve had a lot evening storms, so it’s been candles and books before bed.

I’ve been feasting on lots of big salads with all my delicious greens. And this one’s topped with one of the yummy pastured freedom ranger chickens I found at the farmer’s market.

Speaking of meat…I picked up my first pastured meat share from the new butcher that opened here. So much yum!


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