Around the Homestead

This week i took a hog butchering class at a farm-to-table restaurant that offers culinary classes 🙂 They only do classes of 6 which was really nice. The chef did a demo showing how to break his Berkshire half down into the primal cuts, then each pair got a half hog to work on. It was really interesting and a fun group of people. We got to socialize with mocktails and pork rolls before the class and pork tacos after the class.

Starting with the first cut…the tenderloin


This weeks shift at the farm was harvesting chard, romaine, redleaf, beets, shelling peas, and onions. They harvested a ton of garlic scapes this week so I boxed it up for wholesale. And we made the first baby artichoke sighting! I’ve been checking in on these guys ever since I helped plant some during my first shift. I’ve never seen anyone grow them in our climate before.

In my own garden, things are starting to fill in and potatoes are flowering!

And about half of the front yard broccoli are starting to brocc 😀



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