Around the Homestead

The clean side of the farm work. I finish every shift by tidying up (putting away tools, cleaning all of the coolers, etc) and sanitizing the packing shed so it’s ready to wash the next harvest.

I may be a notorious neat freak so I enjoy the work. I also know how much my farmer appreciates it as it’s always been a trouble spot for them. As a thanks, she’s started including some of her cut flowers in my shares. You can see they are going through their cat scan here 😀

This week I was excited to visit my friends new homestead for a “farmcation”. I met Buttercup, who’s been providing milk for me this summer, and I got to milk my own gallon for the week. This is the friend who’s raising 10 barred rocks for me, and you can see one here. They should be coming home to freezer camp in a month.

And a shot of morning chores! It was so beautiful there 🙂 The rest of these ladies are busy popping out eggs for us. And I was excited to learn she’s waiting for some bacon seeds to be weaned so I can buy some pastured piggy from her when they are ready (which is great, because the buyer’s club has ridiculous prices on pork).

Back home, this years beans have scaled the fence and started their assault on the neighbors yard.

And the first of the corn came in this week!

More tomatoes have been put up. They are so beautiful :):):):):)


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