Around the Homestead

We’ve had our first freeze. When I got to the farm this morning it was 30 degrees. But by the time I was done prepping and planting a row of lettuce it was t-shirt weather in the hoop house.

And a shot of one of my late season paychecks

In my own garden, I’ve harvested the first of the saffron, which really caught up once I put a mini-tunnel over it to protect it from rabbit damage.

And the broccoli and cauliflower have been going crazy

I’ve finished a month of P90 and began the first week of the new Core de Force MMA Style workout that Beachbody released and am LOVING it. I’ve only lost 6 pounds so far but the programs are really making a big difference. Last weeks chore at the farm was hoeing, and I did 3 rows compared to the 1 row I finished last time she had me working on it. My farmer was so happy I got a big thank you text from her. Getting #farmfit 😀


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