Around the Homestead

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been mainly busy getting a head start on the books for my classes. Peaches is helping me out here 😀

I also used my days off to demolish the 8’x3′ storage closet built into my spare room. One of the benefits of starting to become more of a minimalist is I don’t need the closet space anymore! Three good things about this are: 1) Now I’ve got plenty of floor room in my gym for the workouts I’ve been doing. 2) When I setup my seed starting table in spring I’ll still have room to walk through here. 3) And I’ll be ready to sell next time around…the room not being usable as a bedroom was the main complaint people had when I had the place listed. I plan to deal with the floor and ceiling in spring when I’ll have tax return money to buy supplies. For now I ended up pushing the treadmill on that side to cover the holes in the carpet 😀

And the view in the spinach hoophouse! My farmer gave me a Thanksgiving gift of a short shift just walking the fields with her and harvesting for myself. I brought home a big bag of spinach this week to dehydrate for green powder


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