Year in Review

Year in review :)

I had some pretty bad days this year. But the beautiful thing about looking back is that what you see is the good. And there was a lot of good! This year I met Eliot Coleman and had dinner with Joel Salatin (for my non-homesteading friends think: farming rockstars!). I watched my chickens go from chicks to freezer and learned to milk a cow thanks to the fabulous Carilee. I met Michelle and got to work at her farm and join her CSA. I was in two different meat CSA’s including Joe’s. I interviewed at a grass-fed farm (they totally hated me, but still…). I took a butchering class and started college again. I went on trips to Illinois and Ohio/Kentucky. I did my first plumbing fix and jumped straight ahead to remodeling a room. And somehow found time to garden, cook, can, ferment, dehydrate, hike, camp, and fish. Oh, and nerd it up at the day job.

Not bad 2016! Now lets see how much we can fit into next year 🙂


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