Around the Homestead


I suffer from SAD, so things really slow down around here in the winter. But now that the sun is back out and we’re getting some warm days, I have my energy back. I’m cooking more and am doing lots of fermenting. This is what I currently have going: milk kefir, apple chutney, kombucha, sourdough, ginger carrots, and piima.

I’ve got my seed starting schedule written up and setup my seed starting table today. I’ll be able to start next weekend 🙂 Outside the green onions, strawberries, and rhubarb are sprouting! The rabbit is about as excited as I am about spring, now that I’m finding the first of the greens for him. (

First dandelion of the season//

I already took advantage of a bit of warm weather to hoe and mulch the asparagus bed. We’ve got some freezes and snow in the forecast now though, so it’ll be a while before I can make any more progress.

We’ve been assigned 26 chapters in the next 2 weeks, so this will be my view most of the time. I’m really glad our main text is Joel Salatin’s book though. I like his writing style and methods, so the reading goes faster.


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