Around the Homestead


Last week I started my workershare season. I spent my shift picking and washing spinach. This week I hoed the rows and paths in one of the greenhouses. Now that I’ve spent more time working with her diamond hoe, it’s moved to the top of my wishlist. It’s great!

That means the balancing act between farm, home, homesteading, work, and school has begun. I’ve got 5 weeks left of spring semester, then things get really crazy for the two short summer semesters. At home, I’m doing a better job in the kitchen. I’ve been keeping a flour sourdough starter and using it with fresh milled einkorn when I bake. But I’ve decided to start keeping a little einkorn flour on hand for daily feedings so I can convert my starter over.

On the homesteading front, my starts are big enough to start getting their big boy leaves. I hauled home some peat and will start amending the beds this month so they are ready for planing come Mother’s Day.

Work has been crazy. I’m currently fully booked into December and there’s more work and projects coming that somehow need to be done before then. I’m taking leadership training and working on reading some books to help with my professional development.


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