Around the Homestead


I skipped a week at the farm to go on a mother/daughter trip to a water park. We had so much fun we are planning to make it an annual trip. We did all the raft rides, relaxed on the lazy river, enjoyed the wave pool, did a lot of hot tubbing, played basketball in the water, and did some bowling.

This weeks workershare shift was weeding. It was a glorious morning and these lettuces glowing in the light caught my eye. I also made an inquiry about a possibility for next years workershare. There’s a grassfarm down the road from my parents house that does lamb, beef, pork, chicken, and a few veggies for their farmstand. They are interested in expanding their veggie production and hopefully starting a CSA, which I may be able to help with. And I’d get some experience with animals, which would be cool. We’ll see where that goes!

Back home, I’ve finished prepping the beds and planting has begun! Today I dug out the old grape stump and put in some table grapes! I also planted an elderberry bush, parsley, oregano, basil, kohlrabi, and an assortment t of lettuces. Of course, after I was done they updated the frost warning to include my county, so I just finished covering the half of the lettuce I put out.

And this week my homesteading friend replaced the cow she had lost in the barn fire. On the way back from our vacation, we stopped to meet Sunshine and I picked up the first of the milk, cream, and butter. I’m really excited about getting raw milk again and made a whole gallon of yogurt when I got home. I have some jams from a little amish store to flavor it with…so yum.


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