Around the Homestead


I missed my shift at the farm this week due to being sick again. I actually broke down and found a doctor of integrative medicine to discuss all the issues I’ve been having due to stress. She gave me a bunch of prescription and over the counter meds to take that really confused me and which I’m not going to pick up. But she also suggested an anti-inflammatory herbal supplement and recommended a massage/acupuncture place so I’m going to start there. She ordered a bunch of bloodwork which I think will be helpful. But I feel like one of us misunderstands the definition of integrative medicine.

I finished Pastured Poultry with a 96.33% keeping my 4.0. The first summer semester started today, which means Soil Science and Management for me. I’m a little nervous taking something so heavy during a very busy and very short 6 week summer semester, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve got most of the yard planted now. I added this cute little Cherry Bush 🍒 to the front yard after hearing about them from The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener. I now have cherries, apples, peaches, elderberries, hardy kiwi, rhubarb, lovage, chives, and a few flowers out front as perennials. There’s some Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and tomatoes planted below.

I’m almost done out back. This is one of the main beds with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika peppers, and a mild jalapeno. The really long bed in the background is planted with onions, green beans, watermelon, and cucumber. My potatoes should get here today so I’ll be able to finish the last bed this week. It’ll have celery, carrots, and beets in there as well.

The thin beds that run the length of my lot are all planted as well. They have cantaloupe, a variety of lettuces, peas, radishes, chamomile, mint, oregano, dill, parsley, basil, delicata squash, and I’m establishing a new area for a mix of perennial wildflowers for a little cutting garden. My goji is in this area as well and is looking great…it just lost a few of it’s lower branches to rabbits this winter.

And I brought the trusty old dehydrator out for scallions! I should be able to do a batch of lemon balm this weekend…we’ll see how quickly the other herbs get up to speed.


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