Around the Homestead

While I was doing a walkabout with my farmer to start my workershare shift for this week, I told her we’d just finished learning about soil water, drainage, and irrigation in class. She immediately changed her plans for the day so I could help setup the new drip irrigation system for one of the hoop houses. I’m really lucky to have someone so supportive to work for 🙂 I got to take home some of these lovely lettuces along with some golden beets.  You can see cabbage will be ready soon.

At home, things are coming along nicely. Tomatoes are knee high and flowering now, peas have reached their trellis and are doing their thing, the front yard is shaping up pretty nicely as things fill in and flowers help make things look more presentable, and the hardy kiwi are finally doing a good job of flowering and may be ready to give me some fruit for once.

One thing I’m doing differently this year based on what I saw at the farm is putting the celery along the drainage ditch where water from the flat roof of my sunroom falls. They are loving the extra moisture and are bigger than usual already. So I’ve been motivated to start one of my lower priority projects to shovel out the ditch down to the original brick and edge the bed beside it.

Food-wise, I got my last Buyer’s Club delivery for a while. I paused my membership and cut as many unnecessary expenses as I could to save up money for for upcoming expenses (including the rest of my tuition now that I’m now registered for my final 2 classes, Raising Dairy Goats Sustainably for Spring II and Organic Vegetable Production for Fall).

I’ve actually thawed out the steaks for tonight and will be serving them topped with oyster mushrooms from the farmers market, the yellow beets I picked at the farm, and a baked potato.


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