Around the Homestead


The fireflies are out now. The first of the head lettuces, raspberries, and radishes were harvested for a lovely dinner salad. The peas, gypsy peppers, and tomatoes are on their way.

I spent a couple evenings disassembling the rabbit hutch and run now that I’m rabbit-free (my last Angora broke a leg last week and had to be put down). The area already had raspberries along one side helping form the little 8’x10’ish alcove it was all in. So I added 3 blackberries along the second side and 3 blueberries along the third. Now it’s a little berry patch, and it’s just the right time of year that the first of the blueberries have already ripened and been nibbled on. Hopefully I win the pH battle against our alkaline soil to keep them alive for a while 😀

My hunch about the hardy kiwi was right and I finally have fruit on the vines! My new little lemon living in the sunroom is also getting down to business.

It was a bit cooler today, so my shift at the farm was unusually nice. I finished trellising the last of the tomatoes and by the time I was done my farmer was back from errands and we had such a nice time socializing over weeding the parsnips that I ended up staying a couple extra hours. I finished up by picking chard, kohlrabi, beets, and snapdragons for myself. So also already had lettuce, little onions, and garlic scapes in the fridge for me.


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