Around the Homestead


Things will be in full swing at the farm soon. It’s exciting to see everything growing so quickly 🙂 My farmer was out yesterday, so I dutifully worked on weeding the green peppers, seeing that she had gotten started there during the week. I brought home kohlrabi, beets, green peppers, carrots, garlic, and onions to roast. I plan to pull up the first of my new potatoes to join them.

My dairy goat class includes lessons on cheesemaking, soapmaking, and cooking with goat…so I got a little excited and ordered some goodies to play with 🙂 This week was learning the basics about breeds and the assignment was finding local breeders and documenting how we’d start our flocks with the options we had available to us. I had this professor for pastured poultry and really like her realistic approach.

My lettuce is lasting nice and long in the partial shade along the fence. Only one of the head lettuce varieties have bolted. Cute little ichiban eggplants are on the way. And the first of the mild jalapeños are ready.

I’ve been working on dehydrating herbs this week to get the spice cabinet refilled. Parsley earlier this week and basil is in there now.

I also finally got around to pickling the rest garlic scapes I had brought home last week. They should be done in a few more days 🙂


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  1. moosehollowfarm says:

    MMM, a bit of soft goat cheese with honey on top of a fresh salad, with a touch of vinaigrette….life will never be the same.

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